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After our competition at Davis High School last weekend, we have many reclassifications to announce! We love to see the growth and success of teams in our circuit!!

Lehi JV’s Show this year is entitled the “Academy of Magic” featuring 17 performers from Lehi Jr. high, Willow Creek Middle school and Lehi High School. Staff includes Director Celeste Reynolds, Assistants Kevran Bensch, Tj Leary, Megan Patrick.

Wasatch’s show is titled “Revenge” and the director is Jenna Haynie. Captains Hannah Morris and Bryn Olsen have worked very hard to make this team come together. We wouldn’t be able to do this without them!

Tooele’s show “Palindrome” is a visual representation of a palindrome and ambigram, being reflective both front to back as well as side to side. This team has loved showing off their show and improving their skills so far this year, and look forward to performing and growing more as the season continues.

Fremont’s show is titled “We’ve Just Begun!” and is directed by Lucy Davidson and Susie Viazzo. Their captains are Preslie Fielding, Kamryn Macari, and Audrey Spencer.

Skyridge HS JV show “Difference Maker” is under the direction of Emily Fitzpatrick, with staff Valeria Guzman and Yun Vargas. Their captains are Hope Williams and Charlotte Moore.

Pleasant Grove Jr’s show is titled “Call Me”. Directed by Kara Gibbons, with staff Alyssa Bennett and Karson Green. Their captains are Melissa Mayo and Brinley Bennett.

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