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Equipment & Movement

**70/130 Excellence on the Scholastic & Regional A class sheets

  • This video helps explain both subsections of vocabulary and excellence and how these subsections comprise your main score. With Regional A and Scholastic A classes, the emphasis is based on the excellence and achievement of phrases written for the performers.

Stuff Worth Stealing- Carry Positions and Traveling

  • This video is for all classification levels to look at throughout the season. These are moments that may look unfinished from a design standpoint and can impact a judges score from completion of a phrase or looking “unfinished” with an idea.

  • These are great examples that are universal across all groups to utilize and add into a show to help fulfill and decorate the phrases written for the performers.

Stuff Worth Stealing- Equipment Changes

  • TRANSITIONS! We all have them and look for ways to diversify our transitions. Here are great examples that can help elevate a program and create range in vocabulary & excellence among the performers.

Stuff Worth Stealing- Movement Under Tosses

  • The use of body and equipment together through choreographic phrases helps grow the program's content but also the range of skills a performer can have.

  • Regional A groups should utilize lower body in their choreography, but should be somewhat limited in their use of this. If a group is using lower body in all equipment phrases within Regional A, this could be a sign of being in the wrong classification and may need to move up the next class as they are demonstrating consistent skills on the Scholastic A class sheet


The Judging System & How We Arrive At A Score

  • This video breaks down the captions, the points allotted to each caption along with terms of how units are compared to one another within a class or round. This video does a great job explaining the difference between “What” & “How”, or Vocabulary & Excellence. The emphasis of sub-captions is discussed along with terminology to help identify a score for a group.

A Closer Look: Judging Captions Explained

  • This video gives in-depth information about each caption and what the judges are trained to look for as they assess the group’s program. The discussion of training of the performers is discussed heavily with the weight of this aspect on the overall score of what the performers are asked to do and how well they are doing that.

  • Emphasis of choreographic & design choices are discussed with attention being paid to depth and range of both the production and performers. Excellence of both equipment & movement choreography attributes to the Design Analysis and General Effect Captions as well.

Below are examples of successful shows at the national level, of what the standard for the class should be. These videos are dated from 2010 productions but still hold true in what the overall representation of the class consists of. The breakdown of shows with explanations simultaneously is a helpful resource to see what is being discussed in real time.

Classification Study- Scholastic A

Classification Study- Independent A

Classification Study- Scholastic Open

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