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Payment/Registration Update

Good morning directors,

We have received word the business license is fully renewed. We appreciate your patience and the support of the board while we worked through this. This email contains the information for registration, payments, and signing up for individual competitions.


The payment portal has been opened to begin processing fees. The board took a vote to waive the late fee for the first payment. We have voted to waive the December fee since the board did not meet the commitment to open the payment portal on Dec 1st with invoices. However, we do ask that this is processed with urgency so that the circuit can continue to operate within our budget. All invoices should be sent out today, if you do not receive your invoice, please email, and Lora Grass will be able to get you this.

Below you will find the links for the payment portals. There are two links for the online payment list below. You can pay half the amounts now or the full amount for your group. For each transaction, you will have a processing fee attached to the credit card payment. If you are sending checks, the address to send payments to is listed on the invoice.

Registration Amount- Half ($400 + processing fee 11.90)

Registration Amount- Full ($800 + processing fee 23.50)

CompetitionSuite Registration

Each director will need to log into their CompetitionSuite portal through a computer. Please click on the ‘Registration’ tab located at the top. If you do not see the show sites on the screen, please click the ‘Complete Registration located on the top right and complete the necessary information. Type your group's name into the box and fill out the correct contact information along with the classification. If you have multiple groups, you can fill them all out at once by clicking ‘add group’ located at the bottom. Please note if a unit is changing classifications, this will be manually changed based on the registration form and will not immediately display the correct class within CompetitionSuite the unit has registered for.

Once finished click ‘Complete Membership.’ If for any reason this tab is not displaying on your account click this link:

After that is filled out, your registration tab will now show you the list of shows and you can register for all shows you plan on attending for the season. Registration for the Brighton competition is due by January 5th, and all remaining show registrations for the season are due by Jan 14th.

Document Upload

Each director will need to log into their CompetitionSuite portal through a computer. Please click on the ‘Organization Data’ tab located at the top. This location is where each unit will fill out its spiel sheet information along with three areas to upload necessary documents:

  • Scholastic Eligibility

  • PCA/SafeSport Certificates (for all unit staff members)

  • Background Checks (for all unit staff members)

*CompetitionSuite allows one upload per section, please upload all staff members' corresponding documents together*

All documents are due by January 14th to be uploaded within Competition Suite.

If you need assistance with CompetitionSuite registration or uploading documents, please reach out to our Contest Directors, Kirsta Browne & Stephanie Pedersen,

The board would like to thank each unit for being part of the Utah Color Guard Circuit; please let us know if you have any questions!

UCGC Board

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