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2013 Recipients

2013 Heather Christensen Scholarship Recipients

Angeleah Deakin

Angeleah is very involved in different clubs and organizations at her school – including Speech & DebIMG_9211_ppate, National Honor Society, Art Club, Drama Club and Color Guard – all while maintaining a 3.9 GPA. She has also held a job to pay for her color guard experience. She plans on continuing her education in the medical field. She has high academic goals and always strives for the A – which she usually gets. She knows how to challenge herself in everything she does. She is also very close with her family and loves to go camping, backpacking and rock climbing with them. She serves as a captain on her color guard team. Her director, Melissa, says this about her: “She is a true leader. She is always concerned about others needs. You can always find her hugging or comforting someone else that is having a bad day, or just needs a lending ear. She is a great example to our team.” She is a member of the Bear River High School Color Guard Team.


McKenna O’Connor

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMcKenna has marched with her high school color guard for 4 years. She is also very involved at her high school with student council, golf team, national honors society, and performing in plays and with a dance team.  Some of her hobbies include reading, traveling, and learning about history. She is planning on attending USU and getting her degree in elementary education.She has had a lot of obstacles that she has had to overcome to be a member of her color guard team.  She believes that these obstacles were placed before her NOT to see her weaknesses, but to see what character she had and show her the person that she would become by going through these challenges. Her principal says about her: “She is a remarkable young lady who knows exactly what she wants in life. She is very determined to excel in everything she sets her mind to. She is dedicated to her role on the color guard team as well as her academics.”


Gretchen Gilbert

edited pictureGretchen had the highest grade point average of all the scholarship applicants. She keeps up her grades while being very active in school activities, doing color guard, and volunteering at a local elementary school. She loves to help the kids read and write and help to motivate them to see the benefit of hard work.She will be attending Utah State University going into Elementary Education.She has been a captain, equipment Manager, and Unity Captain in her 5 years of participation on her color guard team. She has learned to overcome obstacles and hard work from being on her guard. She believes that everyone deserves the chance to learn and grow, and she loves helping people reach their goals.  Her director, Tiffany, says about her: “She is one of the hardest workers I have ever known. She is always at rehearsal with a smile and ready to give hugs to anyone who needs it, including myself. She is a wonderful role model to those around her and works very hard to be friendly to everyone she comes in contact with. She is a true leader and friend.”


2013 Sara Raymond Scholarship Recipient

David Lee

David is from Colorado where he was involved in color guard before moving here to attend Brigham Young University. He is extremely motivated and always aims to learn to the best of his ability. He shows hard work and dedication in everything he does. His director, Cory, says this about him: “His spirit is one of amazing optimism, and is easily spread to the people that surround him at all times. It has been great to see him spread his hard work ethic throughout the team while staying positive through the tough rehearsals. I am extremely proud of him.”


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