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The Hall of Fame is the highest recognition given to those individuals who make a significant contribution to Utah Color Guard Circuit, and who have in some way influenced the course of our history. Their contribution may be made through leadership, adjudication or instruction. Regardless of the vessel of their work, these people represent dedication, determination and a commitment to serving others through promoting education in the performing arts. As an organization, we thank members of the Hall of Fame for their outstanding contributions to the circuit and the performing arts.

Nominations are due March 20th

To nominate a candidate for the UCGC Hall of Fame, submit a letter of nomination to the UCGC Board of Directors following the outline below:

  1. Include the complete name, address, telephone number (including area code) and

email address for the candidate you are nominating.

  1. Explain why you feel this candidate should be considered for membership in the

UCGC Hall of Fame. (Please limit your response to two pages or less.)

  1. Please document:
  2. a) The background this person has in our activity.
  3. b) Their contribution to UCGC and the activity in general.
  4. In your nomination letter, include YOUR name, address, telephone number

(including area code) and email address along with your signature and the date you

completed and submitted this letter.

  1. Contact two additional people that know this person and ask them to submit a letter

supporting your candidate. Forward their letters along with your induction letter to

the UCGC Board.

  1. If you have any additional questions regarding the UCGC Hall of Fame or the

nomination process please contact the UCGC Board


Members of the UCGC Board of Directors will review all nominations. Those elected

will be announced at the Utah Color Guard Circuit Championships.

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