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Northridge Scores


1st place:  AF C guard

SRAAA 1st place AF C


NR15 SRAA.N 1st Westlake Jr. B

SRAA Novice 1st Place Westlake Jr. B

NR15 SRAA.N 2nd Copper Hills Jr.

SRAA Novice 2nd Place Copper Hills Jr.

SRAA.N 3rd Place Northwest

SRAA Novice 3rd Place Northwest

2015 NR SRAA.A

NR15 SRAA.A 1st Westlake Jr. A

SRAA Advanced 1st Place Westlake Jr. A

NR15 SRAA.A 2nd Centennial Jr.

SRAA Advanced 2nd Place Centennial Jr.

NR15 SRAA.A 3rd Lehi Jr.

SRAA Advanced 3rd Place Lehi Jr.


NR15 SRA.N 1st West

SRA Novice 1st West

NR15 SRA.N 2nd Spanish Fork

SRA Novice 2nd Place Spanish Fork

NR15 SRA.N 3rd Grantsville

SRA Novice 3rd Place Grantsville


NR15 SRA.A 1st Copper Hills

SRA Advanced 1st Place Copper Hills

NR15 SRA.A 2nd Stansbury

SRA Advanced 2nd Place Stansbury

NR15 SRA.A 3rd Uintah

SRA Advanced 3rd Place Uintah

2015 NR SLA

NR15 SLA 1st Madison

SLA 1st Place Madison

NR15 SLA 2nd Westlake B

SLA 2nd Place Westlake B

NR15 SLA 3rd Pleasant Grove

SLA 3rd Place Pleasant Grove

2015 NR SA

NR15 SA 1st Westlake A

SA 1st Place Westlake A

NR15 SA 2nd AFA

SA 2nd Place AF A

NR15 SA 3rd Davis

SA 3rd Place Davis

2015 NR IA

NR15 IA 1st UEX

IA 1st Place UEX

NR15 IA 2nd USU

IA 2nd Place USU

2015 NR SO

NR15 IO 1st AF Open

SO 1st Place AF Open

2015 NR IO

NR15 IO 1st Wasatch

IO 1st Place Wasatch

2015 NR IW

NR15 IW 1st UEX World

IW 1st Place UEX World

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